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The Top 4 Natural Air Purifiers

The freshness and purity of the air in your home can have a big impact on your quality of life, and sometimes you don’t even notice it until you fix it or visit someone who has fixed it.

Here are 4 natural air purifiers that will make a big difference.

Salt Lamps

Made from Himalayan salt crystals, salt lamps release negative ions into their air which help clean it of impurities.

They also dilute odors and clear the air of allergens including pollens, smoke and pet dander. Asthmatics have reported that their symptoms are eased when they use salt lamps. Not to mention, they throw off a lovely warm light!

Beeswax Candles

Ordinary candles release chemicals like benzene, tolune and soot due to their petroleum base.

Beeswax candles, like salt lamps, release purifying negative ions into the air and produce very little smoke or scent. They are also helpful for people with allergies by removing dust and dander.

Bamboo Charcoal

In the same way a charcoal block water filter can clean water, charcoal can remove toxins from the air.

Bags filled with bamboo charcoal can absorb odors and dehumidify the room.

Air-Purifying Plants

Plants are nature’s air purifiers and can make a huge difference.

English Ivy is a great example, removing benzene, carbon monoxide and more. Spider Plants are also excellent purifiers, and are very easy to keep alive. Red-edged dracaena are a slightly more colourful option, and can help clean your house of xylene, thrichloroethylene and formaldehyde.

By putting natural air purifying measures in place, you can really improve the health of your lungs and make your home a more pleasant environment.

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