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Do I Need Double Glazing?

Double glazing isn’t a new thing. It’s been around since shortly after the second world war in one form or another, although it’s been continually improved upon since then. But it’s still not in use in every home, and it’s easy to get confused about what benefits it actually brings.

In this blog, we go through the advantages of double glazing versus single and secondary glazed windows to help you decide whether an upgrade is right for you.

Double Glazing Versus Single Glazing

Double glazed windows aren’t just two single panes back to back. The key is that they are thermally sealed, with the interior filled with an inert gas like Argon to prevent heat energy from transferring between the panes. That means:

-The inside of your home is kept warmer in the winter

-The inside of your home is kept cooler in the summer

-You’ll hear less noise from the outside world

-Your home will be more secure

It depends on the size of your home and the state of your current windows, but our customers have found they can save up to £497 per year off their energy bills – a significant amount.

Double Glazing Versus Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing is sometimes installed in listed buildings or other homes as a way of upgrading energy efficiency without using double glazing. It works by simply adding a second pane of glass behind the original, and isn’t sealed and filled with inert gas.

Secondary glazing is not as effective at reducing heat loss as double glazing. However, in many listed buildings double glazing installation is forbidden, so secondary glazing is an excellent alternative. When compared to single glazing, it is still a lot more energy efficient and will save money on energy bills. So if your home cannot have double glazing installed, it’s definitely worth looking at secondary glazing.

If you’re interested in upgrading your home’s windows, get a free online quote from Britelite Windows today. We install both double glazing and secondary glazing and can create a bespoke solution to suit your home.

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