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Why Do Commercial Buildings Use Flat Roofs?

Although they’re increasingly seen as a stylish addition to modern homes, most people tend to associate flat roofs with commercial or official buildings – offices, schools, hospitals. More often than not, they are at least partially flat roofed.

But why is that? Why do commercial buildings tend to prefer to install flat roofs than pitched roofs?

Well, the first thing to say is that they tend to be less expensive. The plain fact is commercial buildings are usually far larger than residential homes, and installing a pitched roof is prohibitively expensive and complicated. And if you have a very broad building, a pitched roof would be impossible purely because of the enormous height it would have to reach. Plus, commercial buildings do not necessarily need the attic space created by a pitched roof, whereas a residential home does.

A flat roof also allows commercial buildings to have their air conditioning and ventilation units on the roof, saving useful space within the building. These units are much larger for commercial buildings than they are for residential ones and therefore the space is welcome. Plus, people can then easily access these units for replacements and maintenance. The roof can also be used as access to fire escapes for the upper floors or as a smoking area.

Having said that, flat roofs are becoming increasingly popular on residential buildings, especially those with modern or creative architecture. Green roofs are becoming especially popular in urban spaces – adding a refreshing touch of the natural world to a house or apartment. At Britelite we install flat roofs for both residential and commercial projects across the South East, and we’ve noticed that they’re becoming not just an architectural necessity, but the desired alternative. If you’d like us to have a look at installing a flat roof for your home, read about our flat roof installations here or call us on 0800 50 50 70 for a free design consultation.

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